My First Canine Birthday Party

After living in Paris I thought I knew how devoted people can be to their dogs.  I will never forget being at Fouquets on the Champs Elysees  with my father who was visiting, having a very expensive, lovely meal, when we looked up and saw at the table next to us a woman dining with her dog.  He had his own place setting, napkin around his neck, was siting on the chair…sometimes paws on table, sometimes not!  My dad and I seemed to be the only ones staring, as the other diners (and waiter) acted as though she was dining with a diplomat.  I did end up seeing doggie diners again several times, but never again at such a high-ish price, touristy  place!  But, I digress…

Linda certainly does love her dog, but I am happy to say not to the detriment of her children or anyone else in her life!  Being Raffi’s 9th birthday was cause for a celebration at the “Honest Sausage” in Regents Park!

I was the only non-do owner invited

It was a gorgeous day and I came bearing gifts.

Yes, they are new doggie toys, not raided from old kid toys!

Linda bought everyone who came to the Honest Sausage their coffee… whether they knew Raffi or not, and had sausage for their dogs.  They became part of the party just by being there.  One person said, “Oh we were here last year, too! I remember you!”

My favorites in matching blue

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