How Does One “Make a Party” for New Year’s Eve?

Well if you are Linda, you spend Friday night driving to Nottingham (2.5 hours away), leave Nottingham after lunch on Saturday (another 2.5 hour drive) with sweet Mum in tow, then come home and prepare a banquet worthy of feasting!  Check this sumptuous buffet out!

Turkey British Style

The party she “made” (love that saying) was just for our two families and we were lucky enough to have both Michael and Linda’s mothers there. Both of these lovely ladies are over 90 years old and so delightful! Michael’s Mum did comment how “young people” can’t seem to have a conversation without referring to their computers or phones. We had a long discussion about how to properly write the plural of Gibbons, and the possessive form as well. Gideon looked up the “rule” on his phone with Google, then failed to read the second paragraph that made the exception to the rule, when the noun in question is a proper name. This little repartee becomes important later…

Then Matthew wowed everyone when Michael pulled out a reference book as a sort of game, opened to a random page and asked about what was on that page… the “Gordian Knot”. Of course, no one around the table knew what it was except Mr Photographic memory said, “oh that is the one that no one could untie for a hundred years, and Alexander the Great cut it with a sword, instead of untying it…proving he would conquer the world”. Michael’s jaw dropped as he said “that’s exactly right”. Game over. He did not open to another random page. That may have been more about dessert than Matthew’s perfect answer, but it was still impressive! 
This was their festive table…

There are all kinds of little toys and baubles to play with all over the table!


The beautiful and talented Linda in her kitchen

I brought Raffi a present so he reciprocated by keeping my feet warm at dinner

Soon after dessert we realized it was 11:30 and we needed to go to Primrose Hill to view fireworks. It is a high point from which to see not only the major fireworks at the London Eye, but this year also from the top of Big Ben Tower and several other fireworks displays around London. Gideon drove, so here are all the kids who went (Matthew and Barry stayed at the house with Linda, Michael and the Mums)

It looks like I had the Zombie-eye setting set to the "on" position

See the circle of the London Eye Ferris Wheel in the middle? And the BT Tower just to the left.

Without a doubt the very best place in London to view! We walked to the top and joined about 500 other people, counted down, saw the fireworks and were home by 12:30… Love it! Those poor crazies down by the Eye were still waiting in line to get to the tube!  It is okay, they were mostly drunk, and we were happy to stay away from them.
So, Barry cleaned up the kitchen as usual, or “did the washing up” as they say here, while the rest of us went to fireworks or went to parties (Joe and girlfriend). The next morning this was in the inter-neighbor communication area…

Note the profuse use of apostrophes! (per discussion on Plural of Gibbons) and use of the word Geezer!

So, this note is written as if from Raffi, and Barry and I laughed at him being called a Geezer! I knew it must mean something different, so next time I saw Linda out there, I asked her. She was embarrassed to know to us it is an old, grouchy man. She said it is a Cockney term for a guy or bloke! Kinda the British equivalent of “dude”. That is your first British English lesson of the new year.
Happy 2012!

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