Halloween in London

I was surprised at how “into it” the Brits are!  Although, it seems that the costumes are an excuse to be in public wearing just underwear with some sort of ears on a headband for females, and to go shirtless for guys with abs, or various applications of fake blood over normal clothes for guys (I assume) without abs.   Does this make me sound old?

My assessment is that the non-children (chronologically speaking, anyway) use Halloween primarily as an excuse to get drunk with little clothing on, but they do not partake in the door-to-door candy gathering thing.  The drunkeness extends to the weekends anywhere near the 31st, and is best viewed on buses and the tube.

The little ones are the trick-or-treaters… up to about 4 feet high.  I do not honestly know how old that makes these kids.  I have been astounded before at how old some very short children are.  I think they get later growth spurts that I am used to seeing.  Costumes were rather elaborate considering how expensive they are to purchase here.

The other notable English treat-gatherer attribute is politeness!  No taking whole handfuls of candy… at least until no one is looking 🙂  and lots of thank yous!  Also, if you turn off your light and close your gate, very few ring the bell anyway.  If you live on a popular street children are brought in in vans, just like in CT.   My friend Mary gave out thousands of treats because her street is known to have lots of Americans.  Wow, an investment in the local economy!

My neighbor’s son, who is 24, asked my advice and Michelle’s on how to look like a Zombie… figuring we would know!  Should we take that as, “because Americans know how to DO Halloween” or otherwise?   Hmmmmm


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