Dashing Dog Show at Kensington Palace

I am continually impressed how living in a big city like London, I still feel like I am in a neighborhood like the one I grew up in. Whether it is going to see the Kings Horse Troop salute Prince Philip on his birthday in Hyde Park with about 40 other people total out there watching (still have not posted those photos), or going to Kensington Palace and seeing the Dashing Dog Show. Barb and I were checking out the Palace and right there on the Orangery Lawn was the dog show! It was about the size and caliber of a Huntington Woods affair… and we are in central London!!

There were probably 100 total people there... so cute

Here is the explanation of what this was from the literature:


“Welcome to the original dog and throne show. This is a unique opportunity to show off your majestic mutt, pedigree princess or your king of K9s for one day only in aid of the transformation of Kensington Palace.
Kensington Palace was Queen Victoria’s childhood home. As a girl, Victoria was devoted to her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Dash. She would dress up ‘dear Dashy’ and parade him through the grounds. For one day only your canine companion can walk in Dash’s paw prints and play a part in the exciting future of Kensington Palace, which is being transformed through a £12 million project by Historic Royal Palaces.”

The following are the classes you could register for (categories in American).
Dash lookalike
Prettiest princess
Prince charming
Dog Queen Victoria would most like to take home with her
Loveable rogue
Best dressed Victorian on six legs
Royal Variety Pawformance

Fraternizing amongst the competition

This woman was an example of the Victorian outfits.  You can see her dog peeking out at the right behind a human leg…

She and her poochie, A Westie, did not even win the category!

Perhaps the “best of show” for me was the little school choir that came (in ties!) and sang a medley of songs from “Oliver” and a “Doggie Medley”. They sang “How Much is that Doggie in the Window” with their cute little accents, and then sang “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog” in their very best American accents!!! A riot! The accent was improved by facial expressions and hands on hips now and then. Check out the little guy 3rd-4th from left in the front row. That stance helped his American accent immensely! Also the girl second from the end on the right! Caught her being swarthy…


The little blonde in front with yellow tie looks kinda like Michelle did

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