While I was away in Kent

Linda took such good care of Michelle!  With Halloween coming up she bought these balloons that when blown up look like bloody eyeballs, and put them on her back door.

One blew off before I came home to take picture

If you look closely it says “Cookies Michelle” with an arrow pointing toward the shed roof, otherwise known as the “Neighbour Exchange Platform” (it gets new names all the time). On the NEP was this:

The black thing is a Spider Balloon!

and underneath this signage was an aluminum (pronounced Al-you-min-nee-um in case you forgot) tray with Linda’s message on top!

Inside her signature biscuits that she calls "cookies" for us!

They call cookies “biscuits” and cupcakes “fairy cakes”, but we call everything Linda makes delicious! She bakes practically everyday, and her signature cookies are basically oatmeal raisin, but they do not have raisins per se, but “Sultanas”. The closest thing for Americans is golden raisins, but there is a different flavour (Brit spelling again appropriate here).

Sultanas = Golden Raisins

The other thing she did is carve a very little pumpkin-ette, and put a candle in it, lighting it every night!  I took this photo when it was very dark…

What I think is cute is, you can tell it is for us because the face of it faces toward our window and away from their view!

Linda is such a sweetheart, that she spoiled Michelle with surprises while I was gone. Do you think she likes having a teenaged girl to have fun with? 🙂 I do not blame her at all. Clearly, they LOVE Michelle!

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