Snob Screens

Barry and I decided to check out the historic Prince Alfred Pub that is  right near us in Little Venice.  It was built in 1863, has hand painted walls and ceilings.

Details, details, details

It has the original “snob screens” installed to keep the men, women, and classes apart. Apparently “The Formosa” which is connected to The Prince Alfred is one of the top 3 gastro-pubs in London?  We need to check out the food sometime, too.

The wooden snob screen partitions are “listed” so cannot be removed, only restored, because there are so few left intact.  Here is a picture from the “snug” we sat in…

The doorways on each side are only about 4.5 feet high...and narrow!

One must order through the etched glass swivel doors above the bar.  And one must duck under (below where the horizontal etched windows are on the sides) to go from one area to another… or to the ladies room!

More on the Prince Alfred click here

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