Pub Quiz Night

A British Pub tradition that I really have found that I enjoy is quiz night.  I have always loved trivia, and add to it the fact that it is mostly British trivia… extra tough!  The St John’s Wood Club sometimes organizes a team, so I have been to 3 now.

The way they do it is you form teams, pay your 2 GBP, and get an answer sheet.  The Quiz Leader hands out the answer sheets.  Each question is asked and repeated if necessary… about 20 questions per round (2 rounds, typically).  Sounds easy and friendly right?

Not necessarily!  Some of these quiz goers are VERY serious about winning!  Especially, at a pub like the Warrington where you win 50GBP worth of food and drink if you win.  I learned this competitiveness the hard way, and had an interesting Slum Dog Millionaire movie-esque experience at the same time.

The category was Mythology.  The question was, ” What beautiful youth did Aphrodite fall in love with?”

And ZOOM, I am 7 years old, learning that 4 generations of my Mom’s family were named James, but each with a different middle name.  My grandfather James’ sounded very strange to me.  “What does Adonis mean?” I asked my mom.  Who would have ever guessed that 22 years later 🙂 I would be sitting in a pub in London, shouting “Adonis”!  I felt just like the kid in Slum Dog Millionaire, but my coincidences started and ended with this one question, sadly for my team.

Also sadly, I was a bit too enthusiastic in my shout out of the answer.  Apparently, that was a very tough question for this particular night’s crowd, but amazingly there was a small cluster of tables in the immediate vicinity of my voice, who also got the answer correct!!   The truly competitive teams will take the answers any way they can.  I learned my lesson…

My team ended up losing that night.  The second round kicked our behinds.  Too many questions based on British pop culture, and my Brit friends Ros and Denise ended up at a different table than I.  I won’t let that happen again…

Regardless, Thanks Grandpa James Adonis…


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