Fall… or Autumn?

Well, it seems to me that even though the English don’t call this season “Fall”, but only “Autumn”… they are missing the point!  There are so many leaves FALLing right now that the Westminster Council is having a hard time keeping the “pavement” clear (Which is sidewalks, not the street.  They don’t have sidewalks, they have pavement)!  Some of the leaves are 4 inches deep before they get to them, and the city workers are SO slow.  I see them 3 houses away and think they will be at our house soon… nope!  The next day!  Can you say leaf blower?

I went to my gardening neighborhood volunteer duty on Saturday morning at the church up the street, St. Mark’s, and what was the major task for the day?  Raking leaves!

I raked up 3 bags worth.  At the halfway point the Vicker’s wife came out with some coffee/tea and cakes for the workers, and it was a great time for me to chat with the neighbors.  I volunteered my services primarily to have some soil to dig around in (miss my yard in CT, but not the deer), and the happy side benefit is meeting more locals.  After tea, I had a little visitor…

“My hair is the color of Autumn”, she said.  I turned and looked into a very wise and knowing 5 year old countenance.

“Yes, it is!”, said I.  The very next words out of her mouth were…

“I was in America once”  🙂

“And how did you know I was from America?”, I said laughingly.

“Your accent”, she said, “I am from England.”

“I know”, I replied, “I can tell from your accent!  You knew where I was from in just 3 words.  That is VERY smart.  What is your name?”


Alice and I went on to chat about how she was only 2 when she was in America (DC and NYC), but she is 5 now, and how my hair is also the color of some of the AUTUMN leaves (gray?), how taxis in New York are a funny yellow, and how she likes school, and does very well.  Mostly, she wanted to know if I had ever been to Disneyland, and if I had met any princesses.  I told her that one can arrange to have tea with all the princesses, and she described her own Cinderella costume that she would wear (in minute detail), to me!  Her eyes were big and sparkly when I told her that, even the “Princess from Aladdin” (she could not remember her name and neither could I) made an appearance.  Such an adorable age, five years old!

He father, the Vicker, came over to see “If she was bothering me?”  No way, I was thoroughly enjoying our little chat.  Then Mrs. Vicker came over, too.  They are very nice people, and it was just fun to get to know more neighbors (they live in a beautiful house next to the church, so truly are my neighbours (Brit spelling)).

Then, Alice had to go indoors with her grandmother, Mrs Vicker cleared the tea items, and I got back to work.  Want to see “my area” that I cleared of so many crunchy, yet slimy, leaves?

Wind still blowing...leaves still falling, but MUCH better!

More of my handiwork!

The last notable event of the day was when Eric “who finds things”, found my glasses. My specs were totally unnecessary for gardening, since they are for distance only and quite weak, but they were serving as a sort of headband to keep the hair out of my eyes, with all the fall breezes. Suddenly, I felt up-top and they were gone! An expensive hair tamer lost in the leaf-heap! I was literally going leaf-by-leaf through my last 2 bags, when Eric started helping me, by looking through the bushes where I had been bending over. I think he wanted to go home, as I was the last volunteer there except for the ones locking up! I am afraid Eric had given up on me, and was walking away from the poor expat whom he had told could get “free glasses from the government, except I am an American”, when suddenly I got a tap on my shoulder.
“I do this. I find things. This is what I do.”, said Eric, “My partner loses things all the time and I am the one who always finds them”!
I couldn’t have thanked him enough! The glasses were on the ground about 20 feet from where I was sorting through bags, on the exact spot I was standing when I took a phone call from Michelle. I must have been distracted enough to take the glasses off and drop them, or knock them off… or whatever. Scrambling to get to my phone and then listening to my girl 🙂
Thank goodness for my new best friend Eric Who Finds Things, because there are no “free” glasses coming for me…

(interesting concept, those “free” glasses…but don’t get me started!)


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