Calendar Envy

Riding out to Cobham for Michelle’s first basketball game of the season…

(18 points on her 18th birthday!  I said too bad she wasn’t turning 32!)

I was riding with my friend and fellow team-parent, Donna.  She had already put all the games on her calendar for the whole season, and I said I needed to go home and do that.  I even lamented that if I had brought my calendar (paper…still like to look at the whole month at a glance) with me, I could’ve copied from Donna’s during the approx. 1 hour drive!

We got home after 8:30 and still needed to eat, and do a little birthday celebrating.  But I made it a point to log onto the athletics school calendar so I could update my paper version.

Guess what?  I had already done it!  So, my philosophical question, that may rival the age old “if a tree falls in the woods” question, is…

If you are terribly efficient, but don’t remember it… does it still count?


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