Catch You Up!

A perfect language lesson for me to include today, since I have been a bit behind in my updates…
I finally have cracked the code on the phrase “catch you up” here. It does NOT mean bring you up to date, or make you current. Here is the latest situation in which I heard it:

A nanny was pushing a stroller (pram or pushcart) and meeting a Mom (Mum) with another child outside a school. As I walked by the nanny realized (realised) she had forgotten something. Locals would say “had forgot something”.. there is no “gotten” and they think that sounds “terrible” when we say “gotten”. It is okay, because I cringe when they say they “et” something, as in “What did you do with that banana (bah nah nah)?” “I et it”…ouch, my ears!

Anyway, the quick decision was made that just the nanny would run back to the house, and she started trotting away. As she left she yelled over her shoulder, “I will just catch you up!”.

Now, if this was the first time I had heard this I would have assumed she just misspoke, or did not really speak English. But I have heard this phraseology at least a half dozen times, so I had to get to the bottom of it. I asked my resident language consultants (the neighbours) and…
Sure enough! “Catch you up” is how Brits say “catch up to you”. This hits Americans as so illogical, and they admit they don’t think about the word order “issue” that I bring up. We are trying to think of a US example that goes the other way… Examples?

But what I need to do is a good old American “Catch you up” and get going on updates on all the things I have been seeing and doing. More to come!

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