The Chelsea Flower Show… WOW!

Despite being caught (soaked!) in one of the few downpours of the entire time I have lived here, I had a fantastic time at the annual Chelsea Flower Show. This is a big event and always sells out.  I went in the morning to be there when it opened at 8 am with 2 of my friends (Mary and Laurie), then met another group for lunch (with the wonderful person, Ann, who got me a ticket back in October!)

Mary, Laurie and I  spent until 11:30 in complete awe and took lots of photos.  I will put a few of them here, but I took about 50!  Each display was more amazing than the previous, and it was a huge space, both outdoors and indoors… plus shopping areas.  I felt I needed Kathy Hoffman there with me for all the cool gardening stuff to buy… a la Hollandia Gardens in CT!

First a picture of me in front of my favorite display.  The photo, and the old lady in the foreground, don’t do it justice   We found out later that it won the gold medal of the show. It is like a spectrum of color down the line of archways and beautifully arranged.

Yes, a down coat in May! I get cold!

There are more that would not fit in the photo

I especially like the dangling things off many of them

Other highlights follow:

I felt like Dorothy in Oz...

Some Bonsai over 100 years old... Scott would love this!

This Chinese Display was 15 feet high and all made of petals

A Coat! And this one did not even win, it just photographed well..

Wanted to nap colors... and proof the sun was out for a while

When they told me an exhibit was "suspended" I thought it was put on hold!

Five stories high... there was a theme of vertically planting on walls

The first downpour came while we were eating lunch and the sun was shining afterwards. So I wandered with my lunch group for a while into a whole new area and found sculptures!

These looked like something Matthew would create

This little guy came home with me

Did Goliath drop his Twizzlers?

I will end with a cute old Chelsea Hospital Pensioner. He was having his photo taken next to the sign and I thought they looked alike!

Add a white mustache and crop out the lady on the right!

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