Our Beefeater at the Tower of London

Michelle and I took advantage of the day that ASL had off school (that is not shared by the British system) to go on the Beefeater Tour at the Tower of London. We had both read book over the Spring Break that included the history of England and historical figures who had spent time either in the Tower as prisoners, or Royalty living there. We had a great Beefeater who had been in the military for 23 years and had applied to be a Beefeater fairly recently. He said that there are always over 100 applications for a very few spots, so if you are called to interview you must really sell yourself! I am sure his wit and charm are what got him the job. They get to live within the Tower. Here is a picture of Steve, the Beefeater and his home just inside the outermost walls of the Tower (picture taken from the wall walk)

Lovely place to live!

I got to see where the Dudley boys carved their names and family crest while help captive when their father was tried and executed for treason. Robert Dudley went on to grow up to be a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I who was being held by her older sister, Bloody Mary, because she was a Protestant. Dudley and Elizabeth had their childhood captivity in common.

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