Ely Highlights

Went with Barb and Mike to Ely, near Cambridge, since Mike had a meeting.  First we found a little antique shop and a few goodies. Then, Barb and I met a colleague of Mike’s wife for lunch right near the Ely Cathedral.  The oldest still standing part dates to 1090.

Known for its octagonal tower and Victorian restorations

But you might know it better impersonating Westminster Abbey in this scene in the King's Speech

We decided to tour the Octagonal Tower. This is looking up into it from the floor.

Looking down on where the last photo was taken from... climbed about 80 steps to this point.

Barb (complete with halo) amongst the angels in the 1st level of the tower

All this and more holding up the tower behind the scenes... an engineering miracle especially in the 14th century

And buttresses on the outside

Right next to stained glass instead of way down below!

Climbed all the way to the top!

View through the filagreed balustrade standing on 200 ton lead ceiling!

We also toured Oliver Cromwell’s House Museum. Cromwell was a military force in the English Civil War and became “Lord Protector” after King Charles the First was beheaded. It seems they got rid of the Royalty only to treat Cromwell like royalty, but that is another story.

Cromwell's wife and 9 children lived here in Puritan surroundings. Hampton Court Palace was their next home...movin' on up!

Walking under a bridge by the river we got a surprise…

A train passed over our heads, as you can see less than 2 feet away... such a weird feeling!

Other than that is was so peaceful by the river.


Makes you want to tour Ely, doesn't it?

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