How Does One “Make a Party” for New Year’s Eve?

Well if you are Linda, you spend Friday night driving to Nottingham (2.5 hours away), leave Nottingham after lunch on Saturday (another 2.5 hour drive) with sweet Mum in tow, then come home and prepare a banquet worthy of feasting! Check this sumptuous buffet out!

Turkey British Style

The party she “made” (love that . . . → Read More: How Does One “Make a Party” for New Year’s Eve?

The Most Unusual Birthday Card

I woke up on my birthday morning to this out the kitchen window…


Not only was it a very sweet thing to remember my Birthday and make me a card, but the part that made me laugh out loud was that Linda weather-proofed it for a December London Day! And it was . . . → Read More: The Most Unusual Birthday Card

Halloween in London

I was surprised at how “into it” the Brits are! Although, it seems that the costumes are an excuse to be in public wearing just underwear with some sort of ears on a headband for females, and to go shirtless for guys with abs, or various applications of fake blood over normal clothes for guys . . . → Read More: Halloween in London

My First Canine Birthday Party

After living in Paris I thought I knew how devoted people can be to their dogs. I will never forget being at Fouquets on the Champs Elysees with my father who was visiting, having a very expensive, lovely meal, when we looked up and saw at the table next to us a woman dining with . . . → Read More: My First Canine Birthday Party

Four Batches of Brownies before 2 p.m.

Baked four batches today for our adopted British soldier. One plain, 2 with almonds, and one with chocolate chips. I tasted them all! 🙂 Hopefully, they will be somewhat fresh when they arrive in Afghanistan.

The UK lets you send boxes under 4.5 lbs for free! In the US postage was a huge expense, which . . . → Read More: Four Batches of Brownies before 2 p.m.

Welcome Back Sign Waiting!

We had this sign waiting for us outside the kitchen window upon our return to London!

I love the little images of each of the Falter family at the bottom..especially Raffi

Then of course we needed a translation… which was right next to it on the top of their shed.

Ol' Blighty = . . . → Read More: Welcome Back Sign Waiting!

If You Could Name a Cafe Anything…

Would it be this???

at least the spelling is different, if not the pronunciation…

The Embarrassing Marshmallow Pat

OK, you have seen the fun and benefits of living next to Linda and Michael and having our kitchen window basically in their backyard and kitchen. There is an embarrassing side as well.

I had just made my nightly chocolate covered Leibnitz cookie with a big marshmallow in the microwave… I call it “European S’mores”…

. . . → Read More: The Embarrassing Marshmallow Pat

Michelle Choc Fondue… Halfway Through AP Tests

Since Michelle finished her AP US History Test and only (only?) has AP Econ, some “regular” tests and the SAT left to take in the next week…

I made her Toberlone Chocolate Fondue (like we had in Aruba)!

Lucky Girl!


. . . → Read More: Michelle Choc Fondue… Halfway Through AP Tests

Michelle on Wellington Statue

In Hyde Park… enjoying the weather!

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