Cairo… Guns and Noses

Each group of 2-4 parents made the 1/2 hour to 1 hour (depending on traffic? ha, ha, not always!) trip from the Giza section of Cairo to the Maadi section, for volleyball games at the Cairo American College, CAC. This destination is again, not well known by cab drivers. I figured out the local Egyptian . . . → Read More: Cairo… Guns and Noses

Cairo… Why Goat Herds on a Five Lane Highway?

Going to the school each way we saw the same area, packed daily with groups of scrawny goats, all standing way too close to heavy traffic. My car-mate asked how the goats know to stay out of the way of the crazy drivers? My answer was that those you see are only the ones who . . . → Read More: Cairo… Why Goat Herds on a Five Lane Highway?

Cairo… Funeral Echos

On one of our cab rides we could hear a very loud voice from a loud speaker literally echoing and reverberating after each word. I could not believe the volume! It took us a long time to get to the source, but as we got closer we saw an area of one entire city block, . . . → Read More: Cairo… Funeral Echos

Cairo… Follow that Tissue Box!

One of the nights in Cairo a local parent (who also happened to be the host family for Michelle) suggested we go to a restaurant called “Sequoia”, about 15 minutes from our hotel. She said it was right on the edge of the Nile, with big fluffy white sofas, palm trees and candlelight, as well . . . → Read More: Cairo… Follow that Tissue Box!

Cairo for Volleyball

The ASL Volleyball team went to Cairo American College (CAC) to play volleyball for two days and then spend a day and a half touring. The kids stayed with host families from the CAC and most of the girls had at least one family member who also traveled to Cairo. Us parents stayed about a . . . → Read More: Cairo for Volleyball

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