Michelle Choc Fondue… Halfway Through AP Tests

Since Michelle finished her AP US History Test and only (only?) has AP Econ, some “regular” tests and the SAT left to take in the next week…

I made her Toberlone Chocolate Fondue (like we had in Aruba)!

Lucky Girl!


. . . → Read More: Michelle Choc Fondue… Halfway Through AP Tests

Michelle on Wellington Statue

In Hyde Park… enjoying the weather!

Best Event in Paris EVER!

Michelle’s Basketball conference as you know, draws from all over Europe. That is why “away games” include Spain, The Hague, Brussels, Paris etc. The end of season Playoffs were in Paris and based on last year’s teams the 1st seed was Athens. Tasis (The American School in Switzerland (though located here in Surrey)), was seeded . . . → Read More: Best Event in Paris EVER!

The Mich in The Hague

Made All-Tournament Team!

Istanbul for Michelle

ASL takes students on trips every fall called “Alternatives”. The way it works is the students are given a catalog of options from “Hiking in the Alps” to” Venice” to “Rock Climbing in Spain” to….. “Istanbul”! Which is where Michelle went. Students have to select their top 10 choices of trips and Michelle’s #1 was . . . → Read More: Istanbul for Michelle

Trip to Cairo

Playing sports here comes with perks.

Since Michelle made the Volleyball Team we are heading to Cairo on October 7th for a weekend tournament. Included will be trips to the pyramids and museums. I hope that we will see our old friend Hassan Jilani who was our Egyptian guide when we took the cruise down . . . → Read More: Trip to Cairo

Michelle Has New Friends!

As indicated on the “Number of Text Messages Received” meter…

Michelle and Volleyball…Update

Michelle (who as you may recall says she “stinks” at volleyball because she has never played before) made the Varsity Team. Take that as:

a need for height a statement about how good she really is a statement about the school’s size and competition a bit of each of the above?

Congrats Mich! They already . . . → Read More: Michelle and Volleyball…Update

Volleyball…New Fall Sport for Michelle

Even though she has never played before, Michelle has decided to try out for the Volleyball team here at ASL. For those of you who have asked, she says she stinks, but I do not know if I believe that. The coach has been encouraging but most of the girls have been playing for a . . . → Read More: Volleyball…New Fall Sport for Michelle

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