London Chocolate Tour

Leave it to me to find a Chocolate Tour of London. I was totally “chocolated out” by the end however. This is how bad it was… I was given a chocolate filled with Balsamic vinegar flavored filling at the last shop… and it just tasted like plain chocolate to me. My palate was fried!

High . . . → Read More: London Chocolate Tour

Birthday with My Boy… Mexican Food in London?

Found good Mexican food in Notting Hill with my friend Denise, when she took me to lunch for my early birthday on Tuesday. So where did Bri and I go again for my actual birthday? Taqueria in Notting Hill! Check this out!

Chilaquiles and Appetizer Platter

The Refried Black Beans do not photograph as . . . → Read More: Birthday with My Boy… Mexican Food in London?

Borough Street Market Put Me Over the Top!

Those of you who know me will not be at all surprised by this!

I am going to start a totally separate site on my food quests.

This way when you are coming over to visit me, you can peruse all that I know so far…and you will be able to tell me where you . . . → Read More: Borough Street Market Put Me Over the Top!

Products that Make Me Smile

Flour in a Box

Cutest little box of flour ever! Ok, so what if I did buy it for that reason…

Primrose Hill Cooking Class Yesterday

I went to a cooking lecture at the Primrose Hill Community Center today. I am determined to meet the Brits and not just people from the school.

I saw this when exploring Primrose Hill

When I left the house it was sunny and beautiful and as you will see in the photos it got . . . → Read More: Primrose Hill Cooking Class Yesterday

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