January Weather Like April!

The weather has been so beautiful, I am teased into thinking it is Spring. Linda has been inspired too, and has decorated our kitchen window view with daffodils. This was out there in the sunshine and 54 degrees…

It says, "cookies outside your window" xxx L

It is nice living next door to a baker who . . . → Read More: January Weather Like April!

How Does One “Make a Party” for New Year’s Eve?

Well if you are Linda, you spend Friday night driving to Nottingham (2.5 hours away), leave Nottingham after lunch on Saturday (another 2.5 hour drive) with sweet Mum in tow, then come home and prepare a banquet worthy of feasting! Check this sumptuous buffet out!

Turkey British Style

The party she “made” (love that . . . → Read More: How Does One “Make a Party” for New Year’s Eve?

Pub Quiz Night

A British Pub tradition that I really have found that I enjoy is quiz night. I have always loved trivia, and add to it the fact that it is mostly British trivia… extra tough! The St John’s Wood Club sometimes organizes a team, so I have been to 3 now.

The way they do it . . . → Read More: Pub Quiz Night

Calendar Envy

Riding out to Cobham for Michelle’s first basketball game of the season…

(18 points on her 18th birthday! I said too bad she wasn’t turning 32!)

I was riding with my friend and fellow team-parent, Donna. She had already put all the games on her calendar for the whole season, and I said I needed . . . → Read More: Calendar Envy

After Having Dessert Next Door

It has become habit for me to join the neighbors for dessert, especially when Barry is out of town. That way, I get to meet all of the fascinating friends and family Linda and Michael have! This last Friday when Linda texted me to come, I walked in to Michael saying “It is our wonderful . . . → Read More: After Having Dessert Next Door

Fall… or Autumn?

Well, it seems to me that even though the English don’t call this season “Fall”, but only “Autumn”… they are missing the point! There are so many leaves FALLing right now that the Westminster Council is having a hard time keeping the “pavement” clear (Which is sidewalks, not the street. They don’t have sidewalks, they . . . → Read More: Fall… or Autumn?

Halloween in London

I was surprised at how “into it” the Brits are! Although, it seems that the costumes are an excuse to be in public wearing just underwear with some sort of ears on a headband for females, and to go shirtless for guys with abs, or various applications of fake blood over normal clothes for guys . . . → Read More: Halloween in London

While I was away in Kent

Linda took such good care of Michelle! With Halloween coming up she bought these balloons that when blown up look like bloody eyeballs, and put them on her back door.

One blew off before I came home to take picture

If you look closely it says “Cookies Michelle” with an arrow pointing toward the . . . → Read More: While I was away in Kent

My First Canine Birthday Party

After living in Paris I thought I knew how devoted people can be to their dogs. I will never forget being at Fouquets on the Champs Elysees with my father who was visiting, having a very expensive, lovely meal, when we looked up and saw at the table next to us a woman dining with . . . → Read More: My First Canine Birthday Party

Welcome Back Sign Waiting!

We had this sign waiting for us outside the kitchen window upon our return to London!

I love the little images of each of the Falter family at the bottom..especially Raffi

Then of course we needed a translation… which was right next to it on the top of their shed.

Ol' Blighty = . . . → Read More: Welcome Back Sign Waiting!

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