Catch You Up!

A perfect language lesson for me to include today, since I have been a bit behind in my updates… I finally have cracked the code on the phrase “catch you up” here. It does NOT mean bring you up to date, or make you current. Here is the latest situation in which I heard it:

. . . → Read More: Catch You Up!

English Language Lesson… How Hot?

While sitting at a table full of Brits having dessert, a most interesting gentleman sitting to my right posed this question:

If a British person were describing the weather to you and wanted to express how hot it was outside, which statement would tell you it was hotter?

“It is quite hot” or “It is . . . → Read More: English Language Lesson… How Hot?

English Translation Jan 3rd

Someone said (twice), “The rain was coming down in stair rods”

Like “cats and dogs” or “coming down in buckets”

Fortunately, not talking about London, but Algarve, Portugal where we are thinking of going for Spring Break. Anyone been?

English Translation of the Day

Arse over Tea Kettle = Head over Heels! Love that one!

More English Translations

The stove is the hob The “powder room” is the cloakroom. I told the realtor that I expected to see “cloaks” when I opened the door and saw a toilet instead. He asked me if I expected to see “powder” in the US! Trash is rubbish and in a bin, not a trash can or . . . → Read More: More English Translations

The Take-out Menu

Again, you can’t make this up. The subtle differences in the English language never cease to entertain!

Take out menu (called Collection Menu) left in our mailbox says that you can order “Chicken Strippers”. Barry and I decided that when they get here they must be afraid to take their clothes off. They “come with . . . → Read More: The Take-out Menu

Language Lessons…

Do not say the word “Fanny” here. It is bad…very bad. The equivalent of the “C” word! The checkout is the “till” and the speed bumps are “humps”. “Pants” are underwear and “trousers” are pants. Your calendar is your “diary”. Hamburger is “beef mince” and bacon is “rashers” (or sometimes “streaky bacon”). Everyone knows that . . . → Read More: Language Lessons…

English Translation Lessons

I saw a tiny little boy in a kelly green suit that was trimmed in bright blue. If that was not adorable enough the pants (trousers) were shorts and it had a matching hat like a little captain’s hat, and a matching bright green and blue bow tie! There were about ten other little guys . . . → Read More: English Translation Lessons

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