An English Pantomime

It is not what you think! A Pantomime here is not done in whiteface, silently finding non-existent walls, a la Marcel Marceau. No, it is far from silent! In fact it was so loud and raucous that I had to put my fingers in my ears at a couple of points. And it is quintessentially . . . → Read More: An English Pantomime

If You Could Name a Cafe Anything…

Would it be this???

at least the spelling is different, if not the pronunciation…

Scotland Yard Fakes and Forgeries at V&A

I went to a fantastic lecture at the Victoria and Albert Museum, called “Scotland Yard: Fakes and Forgeries”. It was given by the current head of security at the V and A, but he ran the art and antique crime section of New Scotland Yard for 14 years, Vernon Rapley. Vernon was a great speaker . . . → Read More: Scotland Yard Fakes and Forgeries at V&A

Calls for Squatting to be Criminal Offense

When I first moved here people told me that there about squatters. If you leave your home and squatters manage to get in, you cannot get them out. They have “rights” that apparently allow them to move in? Frankly, I did not believe it… but then I kept seeing articles in the paper about it. . . . → Read More: Calls for Squatting to be Criminal Offense

Harrods Windows… A Dissappointment

I was so excited to go see Harrods’ decorated windows, and it was so cold and snowy I put it off until Elizabeth and Brian were both here. So,imagine my surprise when the windows were a Peter Pan theme! Now normally I would love Peter Pan and the references to London skyline, etc. But there . . . → Read More: Harrods Windows… A Dissappointment

Favorite British TV Commercials

Galloping cow on the beach in slow motion with the Chariots of Fire music playing…for yogurt. A man bending a piece of thin wood asking a stuffed animal what the noise sounds like…for insurance (what?) A naked woman, the camera slowly pans up her backside toward her head..for replacing missing teeth-seriously! A canned tuna commercial . . . → Read More: Favorite British TV Commercials

Been Called “Love” Three Times Now and London Drains

Once in the grocery store, when I said “excuse me” to pass by a guy… as in “That’s okay Luv”. Once from Andy the furnace/hot water heater repairman (who was a regular at the house initially), as in “D’ yoo ave a minit Luf” (Do you have a minute, Love?) Once from the plumber yesterday . . . → Read More: Been Called “Love” Three Times Now and London Drains

Michelle’s Game had a Ridgefielder!

This was the weirdest thing! Michelle walked into her Volleyball game today, after having hosted 3 girls from Frankfort overnight (yes, 3! It was supposed to be 2 but they suddenly gave me another and I scrambled!)… and right there in the gym was a boy from Ridgefield, warming up on Frankfort’s Volleyball team to . . . → Read More: Michelle’s Game had a Ridgefielder!

West End Play Reviews… The 39 Steps… The Pre-Show

Last night I went to see “The 39 Steps” in the West End, and I do not know whether I was more entertained by the show or the audience. I had to go alone because both Barry and Michelle were unable at the last minute, and it was really too late to find someone else. . . . → Read More: West End Play Reviews… The 39 Steps… The Pre-Show

Cairo… Follow that Tissue Box!

One of the nights in Cairo a local parent (who also happened to be the host family for Michelle) suggested we go to a restaurant called “Sequoia”, about 15 minutes from our hotel. She said it was right on the edge of the Nile, with big fluffy white sofas, palm trees and candlelight, as well . . . → Read More: Cairo… Follow that Tissue Box!

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