Halloween in London

I was surprised at how “into it” the Brits are! Although, it seems that the costumes are an excuse to be in public wearing just underwear with some sort of ears on a headband for females, and to go shirtless for guys with abs, or various applications of fake blood over normal clothes for guys . . . → Read More: Halloween in London

While I was away in Kent

Linda took such good care of Michelle! With Halloween coming up she bought these balloons that when blown up look like bloody eyeballs, and put them on her back door.

One blew off before I came home to take picture

If you look closely it says “Cookies Michelle” with an arrow pointing toward the . . . → Read More: While I was away in Kent

English Language Lesson… How Hot?

While sitting at a table full of Brits having dessert, a most interesting gentleman sitting to my right posed this question:

If a British person were describing the weather to you and wanted to express how hot it was outside, which statement would tell you it was hotter?

“It is quite hot” or “It is . . . → Read More: English Language Lesson… How Hot?

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