Enjoy the Holiday! From London

Latest note out the kitchen window!

When you need a piece of paper, a bag will do!

Will miss the London neighbors, but looking forward to seeing the kids!

When You See This on a London Sidewalk

Make a Wide Circle Around It!

Funny thing is I never see birds in this tree. They must do their business and leave!

Ely Highlights

Went with Barb and Mike to Ely, near Cambridge, since Mike had a meeting. First we found a little antique shop and a few goodies. Then, Barb and I met a colleague of Mike’s wife for lunch right near the Ely Cathedral. The oldest still standing part dates to 1090.

Known for its octagonal . . . → Read More: Ely Highlights

Dashing Dog Show at Kensington Palace

I am continually impressed how living in a big city like London, I still feel like I am in a neighborhood like the one I grew up in. Whether it is going to see the Kings Horse Troop salute Prince Philip on his birthday in Hyde Park with about 40 other people total out there . . . → Read More: Dashing Dog Show at Kensington Palace

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