Snob Screens

Barry and I decided to check out the historic Prince Alfred Pub that is right near us in Little Venice. It was built in 1863, has hand painted walls and ceilings.

Details, details, details

It has the original “snob screens” installed to keep the men, women, and classes apart. Apparently “The Formosa” which is . . . → Read More: Snob Screens

Chelsea Flower Show… More Photos

This should be viewed after the other Chelsea Flower Show Posts. I just had some more photos that I ended up talking to people about, so if I am going to send them once, I might as well put them here for everybody!

This gives a better feel for how expansive the Chinese Flower . . . → Read More: Chelsea Flower Show… More Photos

Chelsea Flower Show Short Video

Here is a quick video of my favorite display. At the end you can hear Laurie saying, “Wow and wow!” Hit back arrow when done to come back… ChelseaFlowerVideo

The Chelsea Flower Show… WOW!

Despite being caught (soaked!) in one of the few downpours of the entire time I have lived here, I had a fantastic time at the annual Chelsea Flower Show. This is a big event and always sells out. I went in the morning to be there when it opened at 8 am with 2 of . . . → Read More: The Chelsea Flower Show… WOW!

Henley Country Walk… 10.3 Miles!

As a committed non-exerciser, I have to admit I was a little nervous about this English countryside walk. The 10.3 miles doesn’t include getting to the beginning of the walk and back home… so buses, train stations, etc. I was worried that I would be miserable, not that I couldn’t do it! I knew I . . . → Read More: Henley Country Walk… 10.3 Miles!

If You Could Name a Cafe Anything…

Would it be this???

at least the spelling is different, if not the pronunciation…

Tower Bridge to Greenwich…Walking!

I walked all the way from Tower Bridge to Greenwich (of Greenwich Mean Time fame…yes, THAT Greenwich) today with 4 friends. We walked along the Thames Path with is mostly well marked 🙂 And we figure it was about 6 miles. Here is a photo of the beginning of the walk looking back at Tower . . . → Read More: Tower Bridge to Greenwich…Walking!

The Embarrassing Marshmallow Pat

OK, you have seen the fun and benefits of living next to Linda and Michael and having our kitchen window basically in their backyard and kitchen. There is an embarrassing side as well.

I had just made my nightly chocolate covered Leibnitz cookie with a big marshmallow in the microwave… I call it “European S’mores”…

. . . → Read More: The Embarrassing Marshmallow Pat

More Regents Park Garden

Just have to show a few of my favorite roses this morning in the Queen’s Rose Garden, but first… Proof that I went “jogging”.

Aren't they cute? This is not proof of anything other than I had a camera while they ran!

So, first I went into the reproduction of the Regents Period Garden…

. . . → Read More: More Regents Park Garden

Come With Me to the Secret Garden

Linda, my lovely British neighbor, finally convinced me to go running with her in Regents Park with Raffi, her dog, this morning. The deal was that I would go over there with them, and then go through the Rose Garden (so I wouldn’t be pressured to run). I only jogged a little bit. Gotta take . . . → Read More: Come With Me to the Secret Garden

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