Spain for Basketball… Away Games!

We went to Spain for the long weekend for ASL’s Girls and Boy’s Varsity Teams to play Rota High School, on the Military Base in Rota, Spain. Apparently the US base was given up to the Spanish in the late 50’s and then wanted to occupy again in the mid 60’s, so ever since then . . . → Read More: Spain for Basketball… Away Games!

Sambourne House… Preserved Victorian Life

I just got back from my class in which we are studying the Victorian Era. We went on a field trip to visit the home of Linley Sambourne (1844-1910), who was a cartoonist for a popular satirical magazine of the time, called Punch. His oldest son, Roy, was “a bit of a disappointment” the guide . . . → Read More: Sambourne House… Preserved Victorian Life

English Translation Jan 3rd

Someone said (twice), “The rain was coming down in stair rods”

Like “cats and dogs” or “coming down in buckets”

Fortunately, not talking about London, but Algarve, Portugal where we are thinking of going for Spring Break. Anyone been?

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