SNOW in London!!

Snow on the rooftop terrace!

It is not really sticking, probably because of the heat from the house… But it is still pretty! Here is what the construction next door looks like…

Snow-covered Construction

. . . → Read More: SNOW in London!!

Tudor History Class

I am taking a history class on the Tudor period and it is fantastic. The first class the teacher summed up by saying (paraphrased but close): The Tudor period had much to do with the current psyche of the British people. Most of the influence came from Henry VIII and his 3 children Edward VI, . . . → Read More: Tudor History Class

Michelle Basketball: Away Games means AWAY

So far, these are the away games I know of, and we are planning on going to all of them since they span weekends: The Hague Spain… southern near Gibralter…warm! Brussels Paris I have never been to the Hague so I am really looking forward to this… and glad Cairo is not on the list . . . → Read More: Michelle Basketball: Away Games means AWAY

Favorite British TV Commercials

Galloping cow on the beach in slow motion with the Chariots of Fire music playing…for yogurt. A man bending a piece of thin wood asking a stuffed animal what the noise sounds like…for insurance (what?) A naked woman, the camera slowly pans up her backside toward her head..for replacing missing teeth-seriously! A canned tuna commercial . . . → Read More: Favorite British TV Commercials

More English Translations

The stove is the hob The “powder room” is the cloakroom. I told the realtor that I expected to see “cloaks” when I opened the door and saw a toilet instead. He asked me if I expected to see “powder” in the US! Trash is rubbish and in a bin, not a trash can or . . . → Read More: More English Translations

Beautiful Photo Contest Winners from BBC UK

Stumbled across the winners of a photographic competition to capture urban beauty, run by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (Cabe). The mix of the “mundane and unnatural” makes it beautiful, says winner Christopher Hoare. See his winning shot on the BBC News Magazine Website by clicking on that link or paste this . . . → Read More: Beautiful Photo Contest Winners from BBC UK

The Take-out Menu

Again, you can’t make this up. The subtle differences in the English language never cease to entertain!

Take out menu (called Collection Menu) left in our mailbox says that you can order “Chicken Strippers”. Barry and I decided that when they get here they must be afraid to take their clothes off. They “come with . . . → Read More: The Take-out Menu

Been Called “Love” Three Times Now and London Drains

Once in the grocery store, when I said “excuse me” to pass by a guy… as in “That’s okay Luv”. Once from Andy the furnace/hot water heater repairman (who was a regular at the house initially), as in “D’ yoo ave a minit Luf” (Do you have a minute, Love?) Once from the plumber yesterday . . . → Read More: Been Called “Love” Three Times Now and London Drains

West End Play Reviews: Deathtrap

Went on Wednesday to see Deathtrap at the Noel Coward Theater near Leicester Square. I went with the neighborhood club. They had gotten a good deal on tickets. I sat in Row D about 4 off center for 29.50 GBP! Not bad at all. There were people from St John’s Wood all over the theater. . . . → Read More: West End Play Reviews: Deathtrap

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