Borough Street Market Put Me Over the Top!

Those of you who know me will not be at all surprised by this!

I am going to start a totally separate site on my food quests.

This way when you are coming over to visit me, you can peruse all that I know so far…and you will be able to tell me where you . . . → Read More: Borough Street Market Put Me Over the Top!

Urban Adventures…London The City Streets

I highly recommend this London Urban Adventures City Streets Tour

The fun began before the tour as you can read in Trafalgar Square People Watching, but this half-day (4 hours plus) tour included so much, that it was well worth the investment of time!

The guide, Nina from Germany, took personal pride knowing little known . . . → Read More: Urban Adventures…London The City Streets

People Watching… Trafalgar Square

I had the great pleasure of going on this fantastic Tour of London City Streets by Urban Adventures

We met at Trafalgar Square and it was hopping with people. People watching extraordinaire! It was a beautiful sunny 70 degrees and everybody was hanging out all over the steps. I was early for the tour start . . . → Read More: People Watching… Trafalgar Square

This Lady is Following Me!

When I went to get Michelle Turkish Lira for her school trip to Istanbul, an old lady sitting on a bench in the Post Office started yelling at me that I had “skipped the queue”. I politely pointed out that I was in the “Travel Money” line. There was no one else in the queue . . . → Read More: This Lady is Following Me!

It Was Massive…Right There in the Grocery Store

I went to one of the 3 Tesco grocery stores within five minutes of my house, and someone had dropped a bottle of red wine, complete with big shards of broken glass. A five inch wide stream of wine meandered along side where the customers were queued up, because the floor obviously was very slanted.

. . . → Read More: It Was Massive…Right There in the Grocery Store

More Beatles Connections In My Neighborhood

I went to a neighborhood coffee set up by the School, and the woman who walked in after me said she JUST ran into Paul McCartney as she walked in. Of course she did! He lives across the street!!! I can’t believe I missed him, but they all told me never fear. I will see . . . → Read More: More Beatles Connections In My Neighborhood

Two Different Rubbish References

I got a kick out of two different “rubbish” related things in the neighborhood. This first photo is an example of a container that sits at the edges of the Primrose Hill Park. If you look closely an illiterate bird did not follow instructions…

It is a good thing! There were tons of dogs…

. . . → Read More: Two Different Rubbish References

Language Lessons…

Do not say the word “Fanny” here. It is bad…very bad. The equivalent of the “C” word! The checkout is the “till” and the speed bumps are “humps”. “Pants” are underwear and “trousers” are pants. Your calendar is your “diary”. Hamburger is “beef mince” and bacon is “rashers” (or sometimes “streaky bacon”). Everyone knows that . . . → Read More: Language Lessons…

English Translation Lessons

I saw a tiny little boy in a kelly green suit that was trimmed in bright blue. If that was not adorable enough the pants (trousers) were shorts and it had a matching hat like a little captain’s hat, and a matching bright green and blue bow tie! There were about ten other little guys . . . → Read More: English Translation Lessons

Products that Make Me Smile

Flour in a Box

Cutest little box of flour ever! Ok, so what if I did buy it for that reason…

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